Learn the tools and skills to improve your relationships in the workplace.

In today’s team oriented workplace, relationship skills are more important than ever.

Our Relationship Education service uses a research-based approach, using PREP, which can be less intimidating than couples therapy.

The PREP approach is a scientifically-based and empirically-tested method of teaching relationship education based on over 30 years of research in the field of relationship health. PREP has been offered on a wide variety of sites including, military bases, prisons, universities, and religious organizations. Approximately 300,000 individuals have participated in PREP or adaptations of PREP and it comes with an actionable seal of integrity that you can trust for your own workplace.

Building Stronger Relationships through Effective Training

Relationship Education is a dynamic approach to helping men and women build stronger relationships. The flexible curriculum provides customizable modules that are designed to help overcome the complexities of human interaction. The curriculum focuses on Communication Danger Signs and the Events, Apparent Issues, and Hidden issues that hamper effective communication. Participants learn effective communication and conflict resolution tools and techniques. The importance of having fun as well as providing and receiving support are key components of the learning process within the program. Sessions can be designed for individuals, couples, as well as organizations of any size.

Do We Really Need Relationship Education?

There are danger signs that are often seen in problematic communication.   The Danger Signs are Escalation, Invalidation, Negative Interpretation, and Withdrawal and Avoidance

When you find yourself doing any (or all) of these, there are potential problems in your communication habits, and you may benefit from Relationship Education.  Recognizing and acknowledging our own habits allows you to make changes.

How do we start?

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