How can organizations help employees overcome the obstacles to success?

At Sign Post Relationship Solutions we use effective methods for assessing and removing barriers to personal success. We accomplish this through small group interaction designed to create a safe, open atmosphere for employees to explore issues affecting their performance in a non-threatening way. We use evidence-based curricula to improve Workplace Relationships and teach skills to improve communication and resolve conflict successfully to create healthier workplace relationships and improve employee performance. We also teach Money Management skills to help empower employees to successfully take control of their financial future.

Workplace Relationships

Our “Winning the Workplace Challenge” curriculum is born of over 35 years of relationship research out of the University of Denver. This material can be tailored to the time-sensitive needs of your organization. These six modules are approximately 2 hours in length and the experience can be customized to fit the unique needs of your organization. Topics include:

  • Manage Stress
  • Practice Emotional Safety
  • Balance Work and Personal Life
  • Resolve Conflict While Keeping Emotions in Check
  • Work Successfully with Different Personality Types
  • Use Proven Techniques to Communicate More Effectively
  • Practice Healthy Relationship Skills for a Healthier Workplace!

Money Management

Money is the number one source of conflict in relationships. This is especially true in the workplace. Employees tend to compare themselves to others and measure their success by the size of their paycheck instead of their ability to manage their own wealth. Money management says a lot about who we are, what we value and our priorities in life! But without the skills to understand how to manage money, we often find ourselves at odds with others and controlled by our money! Using material provided by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) employees can develop and practice the skills and tools necessary to take control of their finances. These two-hour seminar sessions can be customized to fit your organizational needs and will cover topics such as:

  • Banking and Checking Accounts
  • Borrowing and Credit
  • Budgeting and Money Management
  • Protecting Your Credit Rating
  • Debt Management

Consulting fees are negotiated with each individual organization and are based on size and scope of the project. For more information contact us at 407-766-0020.

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