Give your relationship a fighting chance.

Relationship counseling is designed to give your relationship the tools and guidance you and your partner need to enhance communication, resolve conflict, and build intimacy. Built for both married and unmarried partners, our counseling will help foster a relationship of togetherness.

How does it work?

Couples counselling uses proven tools and techniques that improve communication, resolve conflict and strengthen emotional connection- all of which enhance physical intimacy.

We work together to resolve often complicated relationship dynamics free of blame. Problems are seen as faulty processes and systems that can be adjusted and changed. Love and the desire to be loved is used as a cornerstone of our methodology.

We offer couples a variety of tools and exercises as well as a safe place to process new communication skills. We address a wide variety of common stressors in relationships, such as money, trust, physical intimacy, emotional intimacy and communication.

What if my partner won’t come to counseling?

While couples therapy is available for relationship building, individual counseling is also available (link to individual). We also offer group workshops that can be less intimidating to some personalities (link to Org Dev)

How do we start?

Please download our New Client Information Form and call our office to schedule an appointment.


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