Start your marriage on the right path

Pre-marital counseling is designed to give your relationship the tools and guidance you and your partner need for a happy, healthy marriage. We discuss techniques that enhance communication, resolve conflict, and build intimacy.

How does it work?

Pre-marital counseling uses proven techniques and tools that address common detours in marriage. We work on building positive habits that improve communication, strengthen emotional connection and resolve conflict.

What is the difference between premarital and couples therapy?

Using an evidence-based approach to assess relationships, your therapist will have you complete an online questionnaire. Then, your therapist will schedule two 2-hour sessions to review the results and provide you with effective tools and techniques. This approach helps couples understand the level of commitment necessary for relationships to succeed and thrive.

Love and the desire to be loved is used as a cornerstone of our methodology.

We offer couples a variety of tools and exercises as well as a safe place to process new communication skills. We address a wide variety of common stressors in relationships, such as money, trust, physical intimacy, emotional intimacy and communication.

What else do I get?

Couples who successfully complete this 4-hour course will receive a certificate of completion, which when presented to the Clerk of Courts, provides a $32.50 discount on your marriage license.

How do we start?

Please download our New Client Information form  and call our office to schedule an appointment. I can do this if you think it is a good idea.

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